Welcome to DUST514Corps.com.

This site was originally made to host DUST 514 clans outside of the official forum; giving DUST clan leaders greater moderation and flexibility to manage their clans. As DUST 514 is shutting down, this site is in the process of being updated to provide forum support for clans actively involved with one or more games. As this service is provided for free, our site has a purely optional donations system which you can use to show your appreciation for such a great service. Along with donations, site feedback is also always appreciated.

To apply for a clan board, merely post your clan name and clan tag on the Corp Request board. For discretion, you can also PM this info to MoreBloodWine directly. From there, you can decide your preferred board setup for which you will have moderation rights. With moderation rights, you decide which dust514corps.com members can and cannot have access to your clan boards. From that point, clan moderation is left to clan leaders to manage.

Please click the "Forum" top left tab to view all publicly available boards and latest posts. There are more boards than shown as private clan boards are only viewable if you're a member.
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